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That's News To Us...

Once in a while, something interesting happens to us Water Buffalo. When it does, we'll be sure and tell you about it right here on this page.

09/05/98 - Uncle Milty's FragFest

It was a nice Labor Day weekend and of course none of us really had anything to do. We all got together at Catfish's house for a long day of fraggin'. We had 7 people this time, missing only Smokedog. Sorry Smoke, this was one of the best times we've had too! :) Sorry you had to work! Haha! This was the best weekend Peanut (me) has had! I actually won the DM's! Thanks for not being there Smokedog! We started off with a few DM's first then went on to a long night of CTF. An award was given to Scorpaen for being the most intoxicated! Poor Catfish's mailbox! Heehee...Also a special note for Peanut...this was the first time I was able to use GLQuake for play! I love it!

DM - Special notes: Eastcoast, Emily [H-class], and Puddin' = Peanut, SideshowMel and FireMarshalBill = Zero, Tipsy McStagger = Frink, Spunky Monkey and Meghan's Man = Catfish

(DM3) Eastcoast rallied for an H-class vicotry!

(DM6) The level of controversy...camper or not?

(DM4) Frink was diconnected halfway through...he was 2nd with about 30 I think...

CTF - Teams were:

Red : Frink, Zero(SideshowMel), and Catfish

Blue : Peanut, Joint, Loco, and Scorpaen

Here are the screen caps! (Not in the correct order I'm sure!?)

(CTF1) This was a good, close level!

(CTF4) Blue's pick...Peanut's win again (see FF98)

(CTF5) Red's pick...Red's domination! :(

(DM6) No small picture yet...

(E1M3) Definite base advantage for level!

(E2M2) Sideshow Mel opened up the can on this one!

(E4M3) Everyone's favorite level! Blue lost loco near the end of the level.

(CTF6) No small picture yet...

07/04/98 - LOWB FragFest '98

That's right...a year had gone by since the last FragFest and we were due for another good get together. This year we had a few non-Water Buffalo join the festivities. This year we had a total of 7 people. A special note goes out to Catfish, who chose a weekend of "trying" to score at the beach instead of hanging out with the guys and playing some Quake! So Catfish...was it worth the trip? Heehee...

This year's teams were a little hard to choose because there were a few unknowns...mainly who knew the levels, and who lacked the experience...teams were as follows:

Red - Peanut, Smokedog, and Scorpaen

Blue - Zero, Frink, Loco, and Joint

Even though the Red team was short-handed, they had the experience over Blue. Later on in the night, we decided to switch up the teams. This lead to the demise of Red and the victory of Blue! A fun time was had by all! Can't wait till next year...maybe Zero, Frink, and Peanut can be on the same team! Brothers vs. Others? Moohahaha!

Here are the screen captures (hopefully in the correct order?!):


Special notes for DM: Lil' Rump Shaka=Zero, Danny's Mom=Smokedog, RabidCow=Peanut, Ho-Ju=Frink

(DM4) Danny's Mom...really polishing the knobs? :)

(DM5) Huh...huh...Nut Patrol!

(DM6) Danny's Mom...on top again?! LOL!

(E1M2) Voodoo wins the Ferrari this time!



Red - Peanut, Smokedog, and Scorpaen

Blue - Zero, Frink, Loco, and Joint

(CTF1) Zero gets the Purple Heart!

(CTF2) Blue was missing Loco for half of the level...

(E1M3) Hmmm...Slaughter? Blue will have revenge!

(CTF4) Joint's pick...Nut's patrol!

Changed teams around...

Red - Peanut, Smokedog, and Joint

Blue - Zero, Frink, Loco, and Scorpaen

(CTF5) Red still on a roll...soon to hit rock bottom!

(E1M8) Umm...weee?! Everyone's favorite level?! ACK!

(E1M1) Good Level! Moohahah!

(E1M2) The start of Blue's revenge...

(E1M3) All Hail blue! Joint...0 kills?! LOL!


Photos - To save space I will only put links...

06/11/98 - LOTS of new stuff

We would first of all like to welcome Baby Spice to LOWB. He's a great player and an even better person. Here's a hearty Water Buffalo moo for ya...MOO!

We also had a little get together at Catfish's the other weekend. Here are some pictures taken of the fray.


Show us what you got Catfish!


Me...showing my intelligence?!

Frink and Catfish

Catfish and Frink...REALLY getting into it!


Smokedog's seal of approval.


Zero relaxing for a few (Tired of beatin down Smokedog!)

Zero, Frink, and the Fish!

Our little setup...


Catfish happy to get us out of HIS house...



Zero and Frink

Zero and Frink planning a tragedy...I mean strategy!

Peanut...Poppin' Fresh!

Ooooh baby...Peanut about to bust out!

Here are the results of the little get together...we will call this MiltFest. Special notes for this fest are Ozmodiar = Frink, RabidCow = Peanut, Noodles Romanof = Zero, El Guapo = Catfish, and Smutdawg = Smokedog. With no further delay here are the screen caps...(taken from the screen and Smoke held our own, despite the man advantage). Woohoo!

(Level 1) This is our warmup DM. Everyone always needs a little practice before CTF begins.

(Level 2) Smokedog had a P90 here (later moved to a P200) We still got the beat down!

(Level 3) The KILN! Need I say more?

(Level 4) This was the best level I have ever played!

(Level 5) One of my personal favorite levels!

(Level 6) Hmmm...somebody opened the can!

These next two screen captures are from the next day. Smokedog wussed out on us and did a no show?! We still went on with a little 2 on 2...just messing around and finding new levels to play on.



01/09/98 - New Members

We'd like to welcome two new members to LOWB...Skrubb and ToeTag.

Skrubb comes from about 50 different Quake Clans and has chosen LOWB as his Clan of the Week. Seriously, though, in his transition from LPB to HPB, Skrubb has become a Water Buffalo. We've played with him as an LPB quite often in the past 8 months or so and are happy to have him in the pasture.

ToeTag is another good friend who likes to have fun with the game. Yet again LOWB was lucky enough to get another female player who kicks butt! We're proud to say that 20% of our clan is now female.

01/01/98 - Happy Moo Year!

Yeah, sure it's a fairly lame play on words, but it's still funny.

Updated the LOWB page! Had to add some type of new news... This news page also has a link to our old news from 1997. I also added a link to previous MWB's, so that the main page does not get too cluttered with past winners. And on a seperate note: Congratulations to Smokedog on his new found Presidency over the Loser Club. Took him long enough to gain respect as a Loser, but he finally did it! (Woohoo)

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