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That's News To Us...

Once in a while, something interesting happens to us Water Buffalo. When it does, we'll be sure and tell you about it right here on this page.

09/20/97 - New Member Initiation

We had thoughts of getting together another FragFest, but since nobody from out-of-town could make it, we decided to make it an initiation weekend for our newest member, Walrus. He's a good friend who is an experienced gamer, but new to the world of Quake. We got our Linux Quake server set up and were ready to rock!

The first challenge for Walrus was to take on Catfish in a 1-on-1 deathmatch. The map chosen was Castle Of The Damned (E1M2). Walrus jumped into a big lead, but Catfish was too hot to be stopped. We had an overhead projector hooked up to Catfish's computer, so everyone got to watch the match on The Big Screen.

Here's the picutre

Since Smokedog had to work in the evening, we got warmed up with 2-on-3: Zero and Frink (Red) vs. Peanut, Catfish, and Walrus (Blue). The map chosen was The Elder God Shrine (E4M3). It turned out to be a good, close level.

Here's the picutre

When Smokedog showed up around 1:00am, the fun really began. We decided to do the best of three levels. The teams were: Zero, Frink, and Catfish (Red) vs. Peanut, Smokedog, and Walrus (Blue). The first map was McKinley Base (CTF1), and ended with Fink and Zero deciding that CTF1 should never be picked again.

Here's the picutre

The second map was Frink's personal favorite, Da Ancient War Grounds (CTF5). Yet another close level...note Frink's dead body ironically shows up in the final screenshot.

Here's the picutre

Since we had so much fun with The Elder God Shrine (E4M3), we decided to replay it as our tie-breaker. While most of the level was a close battle, the Blue team had several quick flag captures that gave them the win.

Here's the picutre

Before packing up the computers on 09/21/97, we switched colors and played one more map, The Wizard's Manse (E2M5). Unfortunately for the Blue team, the Red team played well, while two out of three Blue players tried to figure out where the hell they were...can you tell which ones? Heh heh...

Here's the picutre

Next came the 1-on-1 deathmatches. Zero beat down Smokedog on 2 consecutive maps: Castle Of The Damned (E1M2) and The Bad Place (DM4). Then came the shocking upset of the weekend...Smokedog was victorious over the reigning champion, Peanut, on The Dark Zone (DM6)! Smokedog had some great kills (along with a gimme or two), while Peanut had troubles getting into the groove. After many deathmatches in the past, Smokedog can finally sit back and enjoy his first win over Peanut.

Here's the picutre

Naturally, we had a great time this weekend, and look forward to getting the entire clan together in the near future (It's just not a FragFest without Xena). We were able to give Walrus a good ass-kicking...and he was able to dish out some of the same, too. When he moves back to St. Louis next weekend, he'll add [LOWB] to the end of his name and join in the fun that the rest of us have been having since we discovered Quake.

09/04/97 - New Member

We'd like to welcome our newest Water Buffalo, CoolGuy! He's a good player and most of us have been friends with him for quite some time, now. He comes from the clan Absolute Zero, who recently disbanded. We're happy to have him in the LOWB family, so let's all give CoolGuy a hearty Water Buffalo.....Mooooo!!!

08/31/97 - Kitten's Litter

We attempted to play against Kitten's Litter. On 08/24/97, we played two levels.

Our first attempt at The Forgotten Mines (CTF4) ended with everyone getting kicked from someone's private server. We found another server and re-played the map. It was a great battle, with both clans getting an opportunity to have the upper hand. When all was said and done, though, Kitten's Litter won with 433 points, over our 413 points.

Here's the picutre

The second map was Gloom Castles (CTF2M7). Catfish had to leave, so Kitten's Litter dropped one of their players so that we could maintain fair teams. This level went fairly quick, and was pretty much dominated by LOWB. As with the previous map, there were some tough fights and close battles. In the end, LOWB was victorious with 302 points over Kitten's Litter with 166 points.

Here's the picutre

We had server problems after the second level, so decided to play a tie breaker on 08/31/97. McKinley Base (CTF1) was the chosen map. At the end of the level, Xena was leading the way in frags, with several KL members following. Kitten's Litter won the map with 104 points over our 63 points. Due to the defensive nature of this map, neither team was able to capture the flag.

Overall, we had a good time and it was apparent that Kitten's Litter is one of the closest matches for LOWB to date. We look forward to re-playing the best of three levels with KL in the near future.

07/20/97 - Clan Scrimmage

We played against our friends from Clan Doughboy tonight. They have recently regrouped and were looking for someone to scrimmage against to help build some new team strategies. We went 5 on 5 since that's all we had. They took turns on each level so everyone had a chance to play. We found out later, though, that Catfish couldn't get on due to the number of observers. Maybe next time we can get 6 on 6 going.

The pings were fairly close, although several Doughboys had a 30-40ms jump on us.

Here's the picture

We picked the first level, The Necropolis (E1M3). The level went well except for some fool named BDeye who jumped in at the end and wouldn't leave. It seems that one of their team members got kicked right at the end as well.

Here's the picture

They picked McKinley Station (CTF2M1) for our second level.

Here's the picture

When the level changed to The Warzone (CTF2M2), we all decided to keep playing.

Here's the picture

As always, we had fun playing with the Doughboys and look forward to doing it again.

06/16/97 - Clan Scrimmage

Our friends at Clan Chronos gave us a nice beating on McKinley Station (CTF2M1). Unfortunatley, two of our guys were not familiar with the level. Chronos played well, but we're certain we can do better. We look forward to another scrimmage.

Here's the picture

Oh yeah, here's a picture of Peanut boning up on his grappling skills before the scrimmage...using Frink as target practice. Gives new meaning to Peanut's battle cry "Nut Patrol!"

Here's the picture

05/12/97 - Clan Scrimmage

We had a scrimmage against Wave of Rage on 05/08/97. We thought we had made it clear that we did not wish to play against any LPBs, but one showed up anyway. Zed, who did not appear to be an official member of WoR until several days later, had consistent pings around 150ms, while the rest of us were consistently above 250ms.

Here's the picture

We should have cleared up the situation before we started, but since we love playing Quake, we decided to give it a shot. We started out with a quick capture, but by half way through the first level, it was clear that the LPB was adding too much frustration. We suggested that they drop the LPB and we drop a member as well...therefore going 4 on 4, but the suggestion was not accepted. Instead, we decided to end the scrimmage and give it a try another day.

We look forward to an actual scrimmage with WoR and hope that we can clear up any misunderstandings as to what is considered a fair match.

05/27/97 - LOWB FragFest '97

Well, Memorial weekend is over and our FragFest has come to an end. While it was by no means an M3, we definitely had a blast. And the added bonus? Everyone got to play the whole weekend! While most of us were already in the Charlotte area, Xena had to make the 7 hour trek from Maryland.

Although we played some each day, the main bouts happened on Saturday and Sunday nights. We chose teams that seemed fair to start with, and figured that we would switch around as time went on. Little did we know, the teams would prove to be quite much so that no switching occured the whole weekend. The Blue team consisted of Peanut, Zero and Catfish, while the Red team consisted of Xena, Frink, and Smokedog. Unfortunately for Smokedog, he was plagued with the computer that wouldn't stop crashing and didn't have any sound!


05/24/97 - The First Night

After a big (and surprisingly expensive) dinner at Chili's Bar and Grill and a round of Go-Kart racing at the local track, we felt our energy levels were just right for some Quake! Due to our indecisiveness, Saturday started with the CTFStart level. As you can see, Peanut was a bit eager to kill!

Here's the picture

The first episode won out. Here's the rundown:

Slipgate Complex (E1M1) - Little did we know, this would prove to be one of the closest levels of the weekend. Smokedog got disconnected halfway through with 73 frags and again near the end of the level with 20 frags. The win goes to the Blue team with 341 points over the Red team's 304.

Here's the picture

Castle of the Damned (E1M2) - The Red team gets tough! Smokedog got kicked off midway with 51 frags, but jumped right back in and continued with the battle. The win goes to the Red team with 452 points over the Blue team's 311.

Here's the picture

The Necropolis (E1M3) - The Red team stays strong even though they were visited by the Crash Fairy. Smokedog was again disconnected midway (his computer didn't want to play more than a few minutes at a's been such a good old horse, it'd be a shame to shoot it just yet) with 80 frags. Xena, too, felt the bite when she got disconnected near the end with 125 frags. Soon thereafter, the time ran out. The win goes to the Red team with 370 points over the Blue team's 148.

Here's the picture

Breaktime! Hmmm...just for fun, lets look at those pings...Yikes! Here's an interesting capture...we all had the rare opportunity to be LPB's for a night. 10 mbps isn't very fast for Ethernet, but it's still 347 times faster than the 28.8 kbps we're used to! Look close and you just might spot which one of us was the server...can you say 0 ms?

Here's the picture

Da Ancient War Grounds (CTF1M5) - Ok break is over. Frink was feeling a bit confident, so he suggested one of his favorite levels. What happened next? The Blue team strikes back! Smokedog got disconnected near the end with 5 frags, but it didn't lessen the beating the Red team received. The win goes to the Blue team with 380 points over the Red team's 49. (Ouch!)

Here's the picture


05/25/97 - The Second Night

At the end of the CTFStart level, Episode Two won out.

Here's the picture

The Installation (E2M1) - The Blue team starts off strong...or maybe the Red team is still remembering that last level. The win goes to the Blue team with 383 points over the Red team's 196.

Here's the picture

The Ogre Citadel (E2M2) - The Red team still says that the Blue base is easier to defend...perhaps the truth, or maybe just an excuse. Either way, the win goes to the Blue team with 361 points over the Red team's 217.

Here's the picture

The Crypt of Decay (E2M3) - Yet another brutal beating by the Blue team. The win goes to the Blue team with 376 points over the Red team's 31.

Here's the picture

Breaktime! Frink needs to remind himself it's just a game. =8-) Let's check those pings again...damn bunch of LPB's...we suck! Catfish's ping is quite a bit higher...he says it's because his cable was too long. Hmmm...we'll have to research that one. Maybe there was a crimp in it, too, that wasn't letting the data flow fast enough.

Here's the picture

The Strongbox (CTF1M8) - Ok, enough of this Episode Two nonsense, let's get back to some CTF Levels. That's what the Red team said, anyway. It didn't help much, though. It just wasn't the Red team's night, I guess. The win goes to the Blue team with 331 over the Red team's 57.

Here's the picture

Slipgate Complex (E1M1) - Back to the basics. The first night, this level proved to be the closest of them all. The Red team was itching for a comeback, and this was their big chance. It just didn't happen. The win goes to the Blue team with 365 over the Red team's 181.

Here's the picture


05/26/97 - The Summary

Maybe the Blue team was better...maybe the Red team had drunk more alchohol...maybe the planets had lined up just the right way...who knows? The one thing that is clear, though...the Blue team was victorious!

  Red Team Wins Blue Team Wins
First Night 2 2
Second Night 0 5
Total Wins 2 7

The big picture is that we all had a great time and look forward to LOWB FragFest '98! This year was Water Buffalo only, but maybe next year we can expand a bit...who knows...

05/18/97 - Clan Scrimmage

It seems the Doughboy Clan Squad One did some practicing and were ready for another scrimmage. Unfortunately, they only had three players so some of the Water Buffalo had to sit out. As before, we played on Toolcity-CTF and the pings were pretty much even. We let them pick the levels. Unfortunately, we only got to play two.

We started on McKinley Base (CTF1M1). Frink, Zero, and Smokedog played for LOWB. DBR played well and got a couple of good captures. In the end, however, LOWB emerged the victors...with Zero kicking some major butt and scoring 38 points more than the second place Smokedog! Here's the picture.

The second (and final) level was Da Ancient War Grounds (CTF1M5). Since we were only playing 3-on-3, Smokedog left halfway through so that Peanut could do some fraggin'. This level was even closer than the first, with both teams getting several captures. At the finish, LOWB was again victorious! It seemed to be Zero's night...this level he scored a whopping 44 points more than the second place Frink! Here's the picture.

We thank the Dough Boys for the scrimmage and look forward to another rematch. A good time was had by all. Maybe next time we'll be able to have a few more players.

05/04/97 - Clan Scrimmage

We had a scrimmage against Doughboy Clan Squad One tonight. They are a great bunch of folks who like to have fun with the game like we do. After much coaxing and a little kicking, we finally got the stragglers off of Toolcity-CTF. The ping times were in the high 200's and low 300's for both teams, so nobody had an unfair advantage there. The match lasted basically three levels:

We started on McKinley Station (CTF2M1). The level was close for a while, but near the end, LOWB pulled ahead for the win. Here's the picture.

The second level was Da Ancient War Grounds (CTF1M5). This level was over fairly quickly, with Xena coming in far ahead of everyone (you go girl!). Here's the picture.

The third level was Vertigo (CTF1M6). This was a pretty tough level that ended with a couple of the DBR clan leaving and some stragglers getting in the way. Here's the picture.

We would like to thank the Dough Boys for the opportunity to play them and look forward to a re-match in the near future. As always, we accomplished our main goal of having fun!

05/02/97 - LOWB FragFest '97

It looks like we will be getting the all the Water Buffalo together for a weekend-long FragFest. We've got our local CTF4 server set up and ready to go! The plan is to set up as many clients as we can at Catfish's house in North Carolina during Memorial weekend. I'm sure it will be a low-key and laid-back if! Actually, we plan on having quite a bit of fun. In particular, Zero and Frink can get a little high strung when they're fighting hard 'n heavy (we can't all be as cool headed as Peanut). We should have some good screen captures to post when it's all over.

03/22/97 - Clan Scrimmage

We had a scrimmage against the Clan of pErvErts today. They came on strong and gave us a pretty good butt kickin'. We stuck with it, and after a couple of levels, played a bit more respectably. Once again, we accomplished our main goal...Have Fun! it was an overall success. Check out their web page for some screen captures. We'll be back for more...

03/08/97 - Clan Scrimmage

Today marked our very first clan scrimmage...Hooray! The Mandalorians, who are friends of ours, pretty well dominated. We did, however accomplish our main goal...Have Fun! We'll be back for more...

03/05/97 - New Member

We're happy to say that our newest member is Xena. We've played along side of her for some time now and were very pleased to have her join us. Not only does she give us some more strength, but she helps balance out that gender ratio, too. Xena deserves a hearty Water Buffalo "Mooooo!"

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