Last revised: August 14, 1999

In Real Life Eric Taylor
Gender Male
Age 22
Location Rock Hill, SC
Connection 42.6 (supposed 56k!?)
Favorite Quote "Groovy!!" ---Evil Dead 2 (Here's the wav 9k).
Battle Cry Nut Patrol!

About Nut

With the little bit of spare time I have, I play Quake!? Let's just say I probably play Quake way too much! Ha! I chose Peanut as my name, because it was a nickname given to me when I was little...DOH! Thanks mom! Check out some of my captures...just a few times that I have found the high totem pole of capture the flag! MOOOO!

Some good captures of LOWB in action!

Here are some Quake screen captures!

Here are some Quake II screen captures!

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