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Water Buffalo.........................Water Buffalo.........................Moooooo!




WARNING: The following historical background of LOWB contains extensive use of abbreviations. It is recommended that the acronym-impaired skip this section.

In the mid 1930's, The He-Man Woman Haters Club was created. Thanks to the wisdom of the Little Rascals, males everywhere saw that you really don't need a girlfriend to get matter how much you would like one.

Decades later (in the early 1990's), drawing on the ideas set forth by the HMWHC, the Loser Club was founded. The members of the LC were a bit wiser in that they saw there were plenty of women who were losers, too. Thus was formed a group of good friends with very little social life to speak of.

What does a group such as the LC do instead of go out and have a good time? They play Quake of course! Thus the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo came into existence. Now, mind you, not every member of the LC is in LOWB. Only those possessing at least half an ounce of dexterity are allowed to play.

What does all this mean? It means sometimes we suck and sometimes we don't. You'll just have to take a chance, won't you?


Name Top Color IRL Favorite Method of Destruction Control
Peanut Yellow Eric Quad Lightning Gun (Cuts like butta') Trackball
Zero Tan Dave Buckshot with Haste! Mouse
Frink Cyan Alan Super Nail Gun with Quad (Woo Hoo). Mouse
Catfish Green Milton Barrage 'o Grenades. Mouse
Smokedog Brown Adam Quad Popper. Mouse
CoolGuy Purple Mark 8x Doublebarrel. Mouse
ToeTag White Jenny 8x Rocket Launcher. Mouse
Baby Spice White Amer Rocket Launcher with Strength! Mouse
Loco ??? David Rocket Launcher with Regen. Mouse

Oh, we've searched high and low for Miss Water Buffalo... Each month, LOWB pays homage to a truly beautiful woman. All the votes are in and this months winner is...

MWB0002-Hurley.jpg (13824 bytes) Elizabeth Hurley

Previous Winners


Send some email to our Grand Poobah (Peanut) to arrange a CTF or Deathmatch.


Image by LadyHawke These pages were created and are maintained by Frink and Peanut. We would like thank CupQuake for her help on creating some of the name graphics and top colors. Thanks to Kitten for the facelift of our Water Buffalo hat. We would also like the thank LadyHawke for making us the Water Buffalo. Hats off to these young ladies for their talent in graphic art!


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