Last revised: August 14, 1999

In Real Life Alan Taylor
Gender Male
Age 28
Location Rock Hill, SC
Connection 26.4 (crappy phone lines...grr...)
Favorite Quote "I bent my Wookie." ---Ralph Wiggum (wav 35KB)
Battle Cry "Take that Frink!"

About Frink

I chose to use the name Frink because of my fondness for "The Simpsons" character, Professor John Frink. In fact, I dedicated a web page to him entitled Frink Rules!...check it out.

I'm really only a part time Quake-er. My love for the game and my time available to play it are, unfortunately, not equal.

Feel free to send some e-mail to Frink

Screen Captures

Here's a couple of my proud Quake moments:

Here's what I like to see...a good, close level with LOWB coming out on top

Da Ancient War Grounds is one of my favorite levels...

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