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Hans Moleman can be seen on the FOX Network television show The Simpsons. Hans is a short feeble man with skin "like a peanut" and wears extremely thick eyeglasses. He states that he is 31 years old, but looks and acts more like 131. His luck is terribly bad, and he seems to die quite often...which is one of the points of this keep a running count of how many times he has died!

I ordinarily don't find humor in old men with bad luck, but then again, Hans is not an ordinary kind of guy. Come to think of it, he's not a guy at all...he's actually a cartoon...which, I believe, makes it ok for me to laugh at his misfortune.

The Hans Moleman "Death-o-meter"

The Death-o-meter is designed to keep up with the number of times Hans has died on the show. While his deaths are not actually viewed, it can be assumed that death ensued. In other words, this number may be up for feel free to discuss it!

(Total count as of March 05, 2000)

Hans Moleman Death-O-Meter (by Mark McClain)

Appearances on The Simpsons

NOTE: All sound files are in WAV format and have been ZIPped to save space and download time. Also, due to the fact that I'm still creating this page, many sounds and picture files are not yet available.

Key What it Means
Add one to the Death-o-meter
(N/A) Not Available at this time


Episode Appearance Sounds
Second Season
7F01 Can be seen in the background as Mr. Burns feebly attempts to bust the pinata Did not speak
7F15 Gets his driver's license voided by Selma (N/A)
Third Season
8F20 Gets his driver's license approved by Selma (N/A)
Fourth Season
9F09 While transporting Edgar Allen Poe's house, Homer forces him off the road and over a cliff (N/A)
9F11 Takes an eysight exam at the DMV, then takes Selma out on a date (N/A)
9F14 Speaks of the evils of alchohaul at the alchohaulic's support group meeting (N/A)
Fifth Season
1F04 Otto runs his AMC Gremlin off the road with the school bus...explodes when it hits a tree (N/A)
1F05 Attended Brad Goodman's "Do What You Feel" workshop (N/A)
1F06 Gets into a fight with Moe over a coaster, pulls out a huge knife concealed inside his cane (N/A)
1F07 Works the Solar Energy booth at the National Energy Convention gets KO'ed by the fossil fuel reps (N/A)
1F12 Can be seen at Krusty Burger in the group of elderly complainers Did not speak
1F16 Gets hypnotized into thinking he is the son of Homer and Marge Simpson, starts acting like Bart (N/A)
1F19 Sat on the jury at the Freddie Quimby trial (N/A)
1F20 Teaches an orange eating class at the Adult Education Annex (N/A)
1F21 Was a guest at the wedding of Mr. Burns and Mrs. Bouvier (N/A)
Sixth Season
1F22 His thick eyglasses act as a magnifying glass and the sun catches him on fire (N/A)
1F17 Overturns the sugar truck he is driving (N/A)
2F01 Can be seen at the bird sanctuary when birds attack, orders large seed bell from phone booth (N/A)
2F04 Can be seen in church when Lisa turns in Jessica Lovejoy Did not speak
2F05 Falls down the stairs at the hockey game, helps to start a riot soon thereafter (N/A)
2F14 Can be seen in the DMV when Homer takes his chauffeur's test (N/A)
2F31 Produces a film for the film festival called "Man getting hit in groin with football" (N/A)
2F32 Hosts "Moleman In The Morning" show on the local Jazz radio station (N/A)
2F21 Talks to Reverend Lovejoy before being executed WAV (172KB)
2F16 Can be seen in attendance at the town meeting Did not speak
Seventh Season
2F20 One of the people in the blood thirsty mob Did not speak
2F17 Can be seen in crowd as the film crew departs Did not speak
3F02 Can be seen in attendance at church during the singing of "In The Garden of Eden" Did not speak
3F06 Gets accidentally buried alive in Springfield Cemetary (N/A)
3F10 Burns drills into his head after mistaking him for the Lucky Charms Leprechaun (N/A)
3F18 Gets locked in the Kwiki Mart, while Apu goes out to party for five minutes (N/A)
Eighth Season
4F08 Gets bullied by gangsters who trash his hotdog stand (N/A)
4F13 Crashes his Cadillac into the Planet Hype restaurant (N/A)
4F18 Is one of the many gathered around Marge after church, telling her their problems Did not speak
Ninth Season
5F04 Gets thrown in with the rejects at the bachelor auction Did not speak
5F06 Can be seen at the Police auction when Homer buys Snake's Firebird Did not speak
5F07 Can be seen taking the Simpson's stove as payback for the Christmas money he donated to the family Did not speak
3G02 Drove the truck that ran over Lisa's saxaphone Did not speak
5F?? Asks for Robert Ludlum at the "Just Crichton & King Bookstore" (N/A)
  Gets engulfed by a blob when Marge is escaping from the Movementarians (N/A)
5F?? Prompted by Krusty, burns his money at "Moe's Brew Ha Ha" Did not speak
5F?? Gets knocked out by Homer in jail after he offers him some reading material (N/A)
5F09 Uh, I forget  

Possible Deaths

Here are some suggested deaths that may or may not be counted. I haven't decided yet, so they remain on this list for now. Feel free to share your thoughts...I'll let popular demand make the final call.

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A hearty Thanks! goes to my brother Dave for helping me dig through all of the episodes, looking for appearances of our friend, Hans.

Thanks to Mike Smith for pointing out that I overlooked 3F06 and 3G02.

Comments and Suggestions

Feel free to email me if you have any comments, suggestions, or contributions to this page. Also, if you can point me towards sounds or appearances that I have not included, it would be greatly appreciated.


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