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I completely rewrote this page following the HTML 4.01 Strict guidelines to make updating this page easier.  It's been a long while since I have done anything here, so a fresh start is good for me.


It seems that I totally neglected Frink during the 2002 calendar year.  Shame on me!


I have unzipped all the WAV files after many requests to do so.  I hope this does not cause headaches for those of you with slower connections.  I know quite a few people will be happy about it, though.

Added 6 WAVs from Last Tap Dance in Springfield (BABF15).

Fixed the links at the bottom of the What's New page.



Some re-design of the page has taken place now that I've actually learned to write some HTML - instead of doing the MS FrontPage deal.


Ok, so it was more than a few weeks, but I'm starting to get something together.  I've finally got a dedicated VCR and TV hooked up to my computer, so I'll actually be able to make some WAV files.  I've added several from Season 10, but there's several more to go.



As many of you have noticed, I haven't updated this page in about a year.  Part of this was due to the fact that six months of that time I didn't have a computer.  Well, I'm getting my act back together and will be getting this page up to date in the coming weeks.  Frink has had some killer appearances in the past season or two, so I'm really looking forward to getting all the WAVs put up here.


First update of the new year.  All seems to be going well so far, except for the fact that my ISP has once again lost my current hit count.  I'll have to give them a call...

Added two WAVs from Wild Barts Can't Be Broken (AABF07).  Thanks Aaron at The Definitive Frink.

Added WAV from The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace (5F21).  Thanks Dolemite.

Added WAV from Mayored to the Mob (AABF05).  Thanks again, Dolemite.

Removed link to The Streets of Springfield.

Removed link to The Simpsons Web Ring.

09/30/98 - Woohoo, it's my birthday!

Well, after a very busy 3 months, I've made time to update this page.  Since the last update, I've moved, gone back to college, and been out of town on business quite a bit, too.  Luckily all this happened during the off-season, so we really didn't miss too much Frink, now, did we?  <whew!>

Added two WAVs for Treehouse of Horror VIII (5F02).  Thanks Pat.

Added a WAV for The Trouble with Trillions (5F14).  Thanks again, Pat.

Added appearance in The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace (5F21).



Woohoo!  This page has broken the 10,000 hits mark!  I never got any email from the 10,000th visitor, though.  The closest I got was from Nick Simpson who was visitor number 10,008.  Let's all congratulate Nick for being lucky... uh... number... ummm ...10,008!?

Added a description for the Re-big-ulator in episode 4F02.  Since the WAV was on it's own line, people seemed to have trouble finding it.  I hope this helps.

Added a link to The Hank Azaria Appreciation Page.



Ouch, it's been way too long since I've updated the page...again!  I was hurting for hard drive space for a while, but now I've got FrontPage 98 installed and I'm ready to catch up.  Since Season Nine is over, I'm trying hard to make my page complete.

Added goodbye to Phil Hartman. <sigh>

Phil_Hartman.gif (1761 bytes)

A sad goodbye to our friend Phil Hartman.  He will be greatly missed.  What will The Simpsons be without the likes of Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure?  We'll always remember him from such films as The Three Amigos and Gladys The Groovy Mule!

Added WAV for This Little Wiggy (5F13).  Thanks to Aaron at The Definitive Frink.

Added appearance in The Trouble With Trillions (5F14).

Updated the Links section.  Where did everybody go?



I got some email from Aaron, the creator of The Definitive Frink page.  TDF is back up at a new URL and looks as good as ever.  While visiting his page, I noticed an appearance in The Principal and the Pauper (4F23) that I left out...oops, thanks Aaron.



Ack! It's been way too long since I've updated.  Unfortunately, I've been a bit busy with several of life's little surprises.  I think the next focus for the page will be on getting some more screen captures.

Added appearances in Three Men And A Comic Book (7F21) and This Little Wiggy (5F13).



Springfield Elementary has moved.  The link has been updated accordingly.



My minor face-lift is more or less complete. I kept the same background for now, but with the help of some creative Frink fans, there have been some cool additions.  Thanks goes to Bob "Skrubb" Griffin for the new title graphic, and Mark "CoolGuy" McClain for the ending graphic.

I moved the What's New section to it's own page because it started to get longer than I had anticipated.

I changed the Contents section so that it takes up less space, too.

My ISP had a disk crash recently and when they restored, my counter had lost several thousand hits.  It looks like the problem has finally been corrected, though.



Happy New Year!  I'm getting ready to change some of the layout and graphics on the page, so any suggestions are welcome.  No new Frink appearances lately, but we can keep our fingers crossed.

BTW, does anyone know what happened to the Definitive Frink page?  I've gotten a couple of emails asking about it, but I'm stumped.  The author didn't update it since sometime last season, and now it seems to have disappeared altogether.


Thanks to Evan Rad and Jeff King who both pointed out that I neglected to list Lisa's Wedding (2F15) where one of the fish in the stream near the nuclear plant seems to bear a striking resemblance to Professor Frink.  I added a small picture (GIF format) along with the table entry.



I think I would like to do a minor face-lift on this page.  If anyone is handy with a graphics app and would be interested in making a new "Frink Rules!" title graphic, then please feel free to email me with your ideas and/or images.  Any new background images would be cool, too.



I've added two more appearances for the Ninth Season to the table, as well as another screen capture from Treehouse of Horror VI (3F04), courtesy of Jeff Schacht.



Woohoo!  Frink has arrived!  He appeared in last night's episode Treehouse of Horror VIII (5F02).  It was a pretty lengthy appearance, so I'll have several good sound clips soon...or maybe one big one.



I've recently added a column for pictures.  Thanks to Jeff Schacht for contributing all the new JPEGs I've posted.  All pictures were captured at 640x480 resolution, and are some of the best quality video captures I've seen.


09/30/97 - Woohoo! It's my Birthday!

Thanks goes to Gwendolyn Gillingham for this great ASCII picture of Frink.



Due to limitations dictated by my ISP, I have zipped all the WAV files to save space and download time.  The number of kilobytes in parenthesis indicates the ZIP size.  The actual WAV size will be a bit larger.

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