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 Who is Frink?
Frink Motorcycle

Professor John Frink can be seen on the FOX Network television show The Simpsons, and is a role model for nerds everywhere.  He usually appears in his lab coat, wearing thick round glasses, and sporting a pretty bad haircut.

His function in the town of Springfield is typically that of inventor / technical advisor / educator.  The voice of Frink is done by Hank Azaria.

 Why Frink?

Since I can be placed in the aforementioned category of "nerd", I am able to look at Professor Frink and see genius...not to mention an overall goofy individual.

While there are many good Simpsons pages on the Web, my favorites tend to be the ones dedicated to a specific character.  It was a tough choice, though.  Chief Clancey Wiggum comes in a close second as my favorite Simpsons character.  Perhaps, one day I'll have a page for him as well.

By the way, I also play Quake with The Loyal Order Of Water Buffalo under the name Frink.  It's a lot of fun and a good stress relief, too.

 What's New?



If anyone is interested in making some quality screen captures, please let me know.

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 Appearances on The Simpsons
Episode Description Sounds Pictures
Second Season
7F17 Proposes that Grampa invest money in his Death Ray WAV (299KB)  
7F21 Attends the comic book convention Did not speak  
Third Season
8F04 Technical advisor during nuclear scare WAV (109KB)  
8F08 Tries to analyze the Flaming Moe drink for the secret ingredient WAV (117KB)  
8F11 Proposes freezing Timmy O'Toole so that future generations could save him WAV (68KB)  
8F12 Creates the Gamble-Tron 2000 to predict the outcome of football games WAV (186KB)  
Fourth Season
8F23 Invents a radio-controlled airplane for babies WAV (210KB)  
9F11 Appears on the cover of "101 Frozen Pops", the sperm bank catalog Did not speak JPG (75KB)
9F10 Passenger on the Springfield Monorail's first run Did not speak  
9F17 Suggests a "Fantastic Voyage" into Homer's colon WAV (229KB)  
9F20 Shows Marge's blue hair on the grassy knoll at the assassination of J.F.K. WAV (82KB)  
Fifth Season
1F01 Invents a robot bear for Mr. Burns WAV (247KB)  
1F05 Talks to Ned Flanders during the "Do What You Feel Day" Did not speak  
1F09 Invents a house that runs down the street in order to get away from a burglar WAV (198KB)  
Sixth Season
2F01 Technical advisor at Itchy & Scratchy Land, explains the Chaos Theory WAV (292KB)  
  Wonders how Euro Itchy and Scratchy Land is doing WAV (64KB)  
2F06 Invents 77X42, a lemon ball so sour it can only be contained in a magnetic field WAV (153KB)  
2F07 Doubts the Grampa's elixir could boast so many fantastic properties WAV (179KB) JPG (77KB)
  Turns into a "cool guy" after drinking the elixir In previous clip JPG (88KB)
2F11 Proposed a plan to destroy comet WAV (273KB)  
2F15 Tries to discover the cure for seventeen stab wounds in the back WAV (105KB)  
  A fish in the stream near the nuclear plant bears a striking resemblance to Frink Did not speak GIF (18KB)
2F19 Works as a substitute teacher during the strike.  Trips out on a vaccuum toy WAV (260KB)  
2F22 Invents a flying motorcycle and offers to let Bart try it out WAV (81KB)  
  Bart misses his chance to use the motorcycle WAV (52KB)  
Seventh Season
3F04 Explains the theory behind the hypothetical Z-axis and the third dimension WAV (508KB) JPG (53KB)
  Watches as Chief Wiggum teaches the dimension a lesson Did not speak JPG (66KB)
3F18 The Tom Foolery Of Professor Frink WAV (341KB)  
3F20 Presents the Frinkiac 7 and makes a computer prediction WAV (295KB)  
  Attends the picnic where Homer gives his "No on 24" speech Did not speak  
Eighth Season
4F02 Invents the De-big-ulator in order to shrink Lisa into her microscopic world WAV (37KB)  
  Discusses the possibility of making a Re-big-ulator WAV (230KB)  
3F23 Says goodbye to the Simpsons as they drove out of town WAV (275KB)  
4F03 Stands in the crowd at the boxing match, yelling for the final blow Did not speak JPG (70KB)
4F05 Dances in the street during the party at the end of the episode Did not speak  
4F06 Helps to destroy Springfield's only burlesque house Did not speak  
4F01 Receives a call from the AT-5000, Homer's automatic dialer tele-scam machine WAV (327KB)  
4F07 Is part of the restoration crew for the Flanders house Did not speak  
3F24 Set up "Professor Frink's Virtual Chili" booth at the annual chili cook-off Did not speak  
4F13 Lays in a wheelbarrow at Dr. Nick's office after having an explosive accident Did not speak  
  Oddly enough, he also appears at the Springfield Squidport moments later Did not speak  
4F09 Stands in the crowd as Principal Skinner professes his love for Mrs. Krabapple Did not speak  
4F21 Is attacked by his octopus after Bart's bullhorn prank shatters the tank Did not speak JPG (75KB)
Ninth Season
4F23 Cheers for Arman Tamzarian, the fake Seymour Skinner Did not speak  
5F02 Greets Homer and Marge at his yard sale WAV (66KB)  
  Sells a matter transporter to Homer for 35 cents WAV (224KB)  
5F04 Gets thrown in with the rejects at the bachelor auction Did not speak  
5F05 Stands in Homer's garage when Lisa is bad-mouthing the angel Did not speak  
5F23 Becomes one of the Movementarians and passes out from eating low protein gruel Did not speak  
5F13 Has a display of "The Visible Computer" at Springfield's Knowledgeum WAV (287KB)  
5F14 In line at the Post Office, gives Lenny a hard time because of his poor math skills WAV (79KB)  
Tenth Season
5F21 Helps Homer start his career as an inventor WAV (537KB)  
AABF05 Shows off his skills as an actor portraying Obi Wan Kenobi WAV (78KB)  
AABF07 Uses triangulation to help Chief Wiggum locate the troublesome kids WAV (245KB)  
  Is impressed by the kids' ability to broadcast radio waves from a coffe cup WAV (111KB)  
AABF15 Rolls along in a plastic ball in the Canals of Springfield Did not speak  
AABF16 Sits in the crowd as Bart insults the Olympic Committee with his comedy routine Did not speak  
AABF17 Chants the name of Arther Fortune as the crowd scrambles for dollars Did not speak  
  Takes inventory in preparation for finding the Loch Ness Monster WAV (191KB)  
  Explains how he became part of the Loch Ness Monster search team WAV (134KB)  
  Detects a gigantic amphibious life form WAV (577KB)  
  Gets assigned the task of draining the lake, i.e. "deploying the De-Loch-inator" WAV (155KB)  
AABF18 Is impressed with Lisa's knowledge of MENSA and taste in deserts WAV (631KB)  
  Helps Principal Skinner welcome Lisa to MENSA WAV (544KB)  
  Tells Lisa about the Dennis Miller Ratio WAV (331KB)  
  Reminds Lisa to stay in character at the Renaissance-themed MENSA meeting WAV (925KB)  
  Races to finish reading the town charter WAV (379KB)  
  Explains the plans to remove the green lights in the town's stop lights WAV (456KB)  
  Uses his sarcasm detector WAV (626KB)  
  Explains the plans to get rid of most sports WAV (1MB)  
  Brags about his IQ, then accidentally hits his head WAV (695KB)  
AABF20 Drinks at the bar at The Java Server Did not speak  
Eleventh Season
AABF23 Asks about the inclusion of Flubber in Mel Gibsons new movie    
BABF01 Has questions for Xena during a public appearance    
  Runs from the church to go loot the town with everyone else Did not speak  
  Waits in line for the exodus to Mars Did not speak  
BABF15 Tells Lisa that he can help her wih her nerdly predicament WAV (226KB)  
  Shows Lisa the special tap dancing shoes he has invented WAV (877KB)  
  Tells the tap dancing instructor that the props will be ready for the recital WAV (258KB)  
  During the recital, Lisa's shoes go crazy when the audience applauds WAV (96KB)  
  After the recital, Frink tells Lisa that the shoes were turned off WAV (492KB)  
  Homer sees Frink's other new invention, the deadly weasel WAV (287KB)  
Twelfth Season
BABF22 Tells an animator that his character 'Klutzy Cat' sounds alot like Jerry Lewis WAV (1.1MB)  
CABF05 Gets an unwanted back treatment on 'Dr. Homer's Miracle Spine-O-Cylinder' WAV (329KB)  
CABF08 Sits in the crowd at the Tom Savini apperance Did not speak  
CABF11 Gets the crowds attention at the '12th Annual Big Science Thing' WAV (1MB)  
  Opens the cage for Lisa's experiment WAV (419KB)  
  Gives Lisa a certificate for her experiment WAV (523KB)  
  Calls for help when attacked by the bully WAV (130KB)  
  Gets beat up by the bully WAV (353KB)  
CABF15 Demonstrates his Intra-Bovine Ice Cream Maker WAV (1.4MB)  
  Leaves Praiseland with the crowd after finding the park boring Did not speak  
  Witnesses the miracle at the statue of Maude Flanders Did not speak  
CABF16 Sits in the crowd at the Springfield YMCA Open House presentation Did not speak  
  Shows off his Flubber shoes after Lenny picks him to play on his basketball team WAV (667KB)  
  Sits in the crowd at the Good Guy Awards Did not speak  
CABF17 Discovers that a meteor is headed straight for the town WAV (417KB)  
Thirteenth Season
CABF22 Almost hits bart with his flying motorcycle WAV (310KB)  
CABF21 Gets hypnotized by Mezmerino WAV (2.1MB)  
DABF01 Runs from the acid rain WAV (291KB)  
DABF03 Rolls down the street in a big ball of people Did not speak  
  Calls Marge as the anonymous whistle blower WAV (956KB)  
  Tells the jury about Operation Hoyvin-Mayvin WAV (637KB)  
DABF04 Dances at the 1970's retro prom Did not speak  
DABF08 Is part of Homer's crew on the ship    
  Gets frightened when he sees what the Sirens look like    
DABF14 Takes part in a Civil War re-enactment with his giant steam-powered spider    
DABF17 Stands with Smithers and Burns when Mayor Quimby asks if the power will fail (New!) Did not speak  
  Attends the town meeting when they form a Blue Ribbon Committee to stop looting (New!)    
Fourteenth Season
DABF19 Runs from the undead cowboys (New!)    
  Invents a time machine (New!)    
  Gets turned into a turkey and eaten on Dr. Hibbert's Island (New!)    
DABF22 Attends the Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp (New!)    
  Sits in the crowd at the Rolling Stones concert (New!)    
EABF10 Has a mishap with a robot on St. Valentine's Day WAV (331KB)  

 Comments and Suggestions

Feel free to email me if you have any comments, suggestions, or contributions to this page.  Also, if you can point me towards sounds or appearances that I have not included, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Here are some other Simpsons pages that I think are worth taking the time to check out.

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The Definitive Frink TDF is an excellent web site, but has not been updated in a long time.  Aaron takes a different approach than I do - he's got a very detailed listing rather than the concise one I have.  There's also the Professor Frink's Museum of Patent Pending.  Very well done.
The Hank Azaria Appreciation Page He does alot more than just Frink's voice!


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