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The Song

"Caldonia! Caldonia! What makes your big head so hard?" Or so goes the 1940's blues song I named my Black Lab after. Here's the actual verse, and after you hear her story, you'll see how appropriate it is.

Talkin' about my girl, she's got great big feet
Long, lean, and lanky, ain't had nothin' to eat
But she's my woman, and I love her just the same
I'm crazy 'bout that gal and Caldonia is her name
Caldonia! Caldonia! What makes your big head so hard?

Her Story

Cal showed up under my back porch one cold and rainy Friday near the end of December 1996. It was right around freezing and had been raining for several days. Me and my roommate figured she'd eventually go back to whatever house she came from. By Saturday night she decided she wanted to come in, and was scratching at both the back and side doors while yipping and whining. My roommate built her a bed out of a recycling bin and some old clothes so she wouldn't be so miserable outside. It worked for the night, but by morning it was so soaked from the rain that she wouldn't stay in it. Come Sunday evening, it was still freezing and raining. It was obvious that she had no intention of leaving.. In an effort to coax her back to wherever she came from, we hadn't fed her since she showed we knew she was starving. Not wanting to see a starving 10 week old puppy, I decided to let her in for the night, with the intention of taking her to the Dog Pound Monday morning. Her tail was crushed in two places from what looked like the jaws of another dog. After spending a couple of hours with her, there was no doubt in my mind that keeping her was the best thing I could do for both of us. She needed a good home and I needed a good dog.

Perhaps she was abandoned, or perhaps she didn't know how (or want) to go home...I'll never know. What I do know, however, is that she has turned out to be happy and very intelligent. Like most Black Labs, she is a high energy dog. When I can finally train her to control her energy, she'll be an even greater source of pride for me.


Here are some pictures of Cal. The Veterinarian estimated her birthdate to be 09/23/96. These scans aren't the best in the world, but they're all I have right now. One thing I've noticed is that a black dog doesn't show up well if the lighting is dim. Click on the image to get a bigger version.

Relaxing with my brother

Relaxing with my brother (4 mo. old)

Playing with her tennis ball

Playing with her tennis ball (8 mo. old)


These next two pictures were taken after a slight mishap. One night, as I was cutting her nails, she was being stubborn and I accidentally cut one of them half way off. I taped her foot up in a dishtowel until the next morning when we went to the Vet. It was cut so bad that the Vet couldn't stop the bleeding, so they bandaged her up for a few days. When the bandage came off, she was healed nicely. It will be a while before I get up the courage to try cutting her nails again.

There are more pictures on the way...


I'm still working on this part...

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