Maintenance Page


Current mileage as of October 05, 1998 = 



Initial Cost

I purchased my 1993 300ZX Twin Turbo for  $21,000  in April of 1997.


Past Maintenance

I think it is worth noting that the most significant of the following costs is tires.  I decided to go with Z-rated tires even though I don't do much driving at or above 150 MPH.  This choice was made for reasons of handling, not top speed.  My costs could have been a couple of hundred dollars less if I had chosen tires that were rated for lower speeds.

Type of Maintenance Date Cost
New battery


$    50.00

New rear tires (BFGoodrich Comp T/A 245/45ZR16)


$   425.00

Fixed ignition switch in clutch pedal


$    25.00

New front tires (BFGoodrich Comp T/A 225/50ZR16)


$   350.00

Current 1998 Total Maintenance Cost

$   850.00


Future Maintenance

I am overdue for some preventative maintenance, since my mileage has exceeded 60,000.

As of yet, I have not experienced the brake rotor warpage problem that I've heard so much about.  For those of you who have, you may want to read Ask Mr. Goodtech in the Sept/Oct 1998 (Vol. 4, No. 13) issue of Z Car & Classic Datsun magazine.

Type of Preventative Maintenance Estimated Cost
Fix oil leak in rear main seal (includes cost of new clutch)

$    500.00

Replace timing belt

$    350.00

Estimated Total Future Maintenance Cost

$   850.00